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I like Digital & Social Media Technology as it pertains to film and filmmaking. I also really like movies. So I write about them.


20 June 12
It is worthy of note that a revival of non-representationalism is taking place at the historical conjuncture when digital simulation technologies have nearly been perfected. Hypothetically everything conceivable by the human mind can be visualized with the aid of digital technology. The area of technical practicability no longer contains any limitations, the only borders are posed by human imagination and intellect. At the beginning of the century, abstract art brought an abrupt expansion of the conceivable. While a comparable and similarly radical
developement in the 21st century would be desirable, it seems to be rather unlikely at this moment.

From the catalogue for the Abstraction Now Exhibition in 2003.

Until, you know. now.

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh