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13 June 12

this is lovely. 

To show you how creative you can get remixing these files, CAN posted about Matthew Plummer-Fernandez’s Met3D remix – We Met Heads On, which is a meta-derivative remix of the 3D scans.

Plummer-Fernandez took scotta3d’s creation Decimation Study – Met Heads—which sees the heads of the sculptures stacked side by side and then decimated repeatedly so they morph into low polygon meshes—and used the low polygon heads as the starting point for his work. Decimation Study – Met Heads is itself derived from MET Heads by tbuser.

OK, you still following? Good. Plummer-Fernandez took the low polygon heads and put them into a Processing sketch so that they responded to sound in real-time, distorting them in the process. The cause of their deformities is James Blake’s “Air And Lack Thereof,” which turns these classical sculptures into glitching digital artifacts. You can see the remixes in the video below and print the objects created from it on Thingiverse.

read the rest of the article here: 

Replicate (Or Hack) The Metropolitan Museum’s Classical Sculptures With A 3D Printer

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh